Getting Connection failed

I’m getting Connection Failed, and I’ve read through most of the forum items and tried lots of things, but can’t seem to get the host emails to copy to my eM Client. I’m on Windows 10 and eM Client 9.2.2054 (5ffd5f4). The mail was working properly, until I accidently deleted my local inbox and tried to restore it from the trash folder. I’ve been having problems ever since. Of course, it’s my fault, but I had hundreds of emails, so I don’t really want to delete everything and start over. I even deleted the program, but saved the database. Same problem. The Copy under Operations doesn’t seem to work. There are no items under Operations Operations or Operations Errors, but there are lots under Operations Log.

It may be there is some error from the server because you deleted the Inbox.

Your best option is to login to webmail for your email provider and see if it appears correctly there. If it does, back in eM Client go to Menu > Accounts and remove this account, then add it back again. It will resync what is on the server.

Thanks Gary, but I did that. Same result. Also, in my moving things around, there are often multiple copies of emails in the local Inbox. While going through this process, I have been manually deleting some of those dups. And on my local eM Client, I can see new email on the server version of my Inbox and the older email on the local version of my Inbox, but I can’t sync them - the Connection Failed red triangle comes up to the right of my email address.

Hi. I’ve been having the same problem with, as apparently have others, for a couple weeks now. I have two accounts, one private & other family, private works flawlessly (so far) and the family accounts gets the red triangle/connection fail notification. Both accounts are set up exactly the same way, everything! But almost everyday, so far, the family account will fix itself, download email, then fail again! Go figure??? Nothing I’ve tried has resolved the issue, just wait it out! Or as Gary suggest login into and check email there.

Oh, I also have both outlook email accounts set up on Mailbird and it does the same there. So, I suspect it’s a microsoft/outlook problem that we’ll just have to deal with until it’s fixed or we possibly just give up and move to gmail or some other email service, etc. And, they have their own issues!

Sorry this is probably of no help to you but just know you are not alone. Good luck.

G. Wren

You may be using Airsync which Microsoft have phased out. Try setting it up again with Exchange or IMAP

No, Microsoft have not phased out AirSync. In fact we have been using it with recent versions of eM Client to send messages with MS accounts since Microsoft broke their oAuth implementation for SMTP. IMAP is still used to receive messages though.

Unfortunately, Microsoft do not allow you to setup free accounts as Exchange.

The account will already be setup as IMAP. But as @George_Wren says he has the same issue when using another application, this will most likely be a server issue. And I see many people reporting on Microsoft sites that there are issues connecting their applications to in the past couple of days.

Sorry, rushed to a conclusion.
I had a client with issues with
I deleted the account and set it up again, using the option in eM client as before, it still failed.
I tried setting up with eM Client Exchange option and all is now fine.
What settings does it use connecting this way?

That will be using Exchange rather than IMAP.

For a while, Microsoft didn’t allow personal free accounts to be setup in this way. But I just checked, and it seems maybe they changed/broke something, so it now works.

If you can use Exchange, it will be a workaround while they resolve their IMAP issues.

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Sorry to muddy the water a little more, and please no offense intended to emclient because I like and use it mostly, I should note that Mailbird does seem to work a little better than emclient, but not always! And if thats not enough, my 10+ yr old mac w/mail seems to work ok fine w/outlook, for now, but my wifes newer mac w/mail does sometimes have connection issues with outlook. I suspect its most likely microsoft/outlook server connection issues and it seems mostly no one is immune. Again, good luck to all.

Ok, here’s the latest. I had my ISP delete and re-add my account, I actually deleted eM Client and re-added it. I don’t get the Connection Failed msg anymore, but it still doesn’t copy from the host to my eM Client. I verified the ports for IMAP and SMTP with my ISP. I get the host email fine, but it just doesn’t copy down to local folders. Thanks.

By the way, eM Client says that it isn’t the default email handler, but when I click on it, it takes me to the default programs, where eM Client IS the default email handler. i also have the option checked to copy email to local folders.


I verified the ports for IMAP and SMTP with my ISP.

I get the host email fine, but it just doesn’t copy down to local folders. Thanks.

What is your IMAP Server address, Port and Security policy ?

Also are running any optional Firewall / Security programs, or Optional Antivirus programs or VPN’s ?

My IMAP and SMTP server address is

My IMAP port is 143 and security policy is “force usage of SSL/TLS.”

My SMTP port is 587 and same security policy.

Only Windows Firewall and Defender are running.

I’m still working on the email not copying down to the eM Client from the host.