Getting blank txt or html files with all Apple email containing jpeg attachments.

For 100% of the emails from Apple users that contain jpeg attachments, the list of jpegs is always preceded by an equal number of blank html or txt files. Usually empty but occasionally contain (redundantly) the text from the email as plain text. What gives?  Very annoying. The senders have no idea how/why it happens but then they are also clueless about computers and how email works.

I googled the problem and the answer is they come from the Microsoft Exchange Server due to an incompatibility problem between Windows and Apple. I have never used Microsoft Exchange and have no idea what it is. I just use eMC with an ATT IMAP  email account.

Any ideas?


Unfortunately Apple is in it’s own universe, disregarding standards that the rest of the industry try to comply with. :wink:

The problem may be with the Exchange server the message is passing through, either the sender’s mail server, or the recipient’s.

If you open the message using the web interface for your email provider, how do the message attachments appear?

Just checked a few and all clean in web mail. ATT/Yahoo in Chrome. Also last batch yesterday were from a PC guy, then just learned he’d sent the email w photos from his iPhone, confirming it’s an Apple thing. One extraneous file per jpeg, usually empty but may contain the email sender’s signature lines if they’re canned (preprogrammed).

So I’m not unknowingly using the Microsoft Exchange Server, right? I assumed that was an “enterprise” thing.  I’m not a corporate guy, just a fellow at home in a spare room on a Windows desktop with an ATT acct.

Thanks for the reply.

If I can slip in another question, since I know you are a serial replier (and thanks for that!).  For years I was getting many eMC  helpdesk emails daily because I clicked the box and said I wanted to see them, then a month or so ago they just stopped. Zero emails with eMC complaints from around the world. Is there a time-out if I don’t periodically engage, or did they change something?

Hopefully eM Client Inc. will read this thread and look into it. If the web interface can interpret it correctly, maybe something can be done in this client to compensate.

I don’t think they change the notification setting on this forum if you don’t login, but you can check your Profile > Mail Notification settings on this site and see if anything has changed. I notice that occasionally some posts do not come through, but I did not see where everything stops.