getting annoyed

I started using emClient about a year ago. Installling it and connecting it with my mail account went swiftly and without any problems. I love the ease of using emClient and was planning to move from testing the free version to a licensed version to be able to manage more than 2 mail accounts with it. But over the last months emClient is beginning to annoy me. Again and again emClient upon starting it tells me it can not connect to my mail account and requests me to enter my licence code. I enter the code, emClient works for a few days. Then the same procedure again. I can not reconstruct under what specific conditions this happens. But its getting on my nerves. Why do I have to enter the licence code at least twice a month, sometimes even more often?
(I’m running emClient on Win10 32bit and 64bit - same on both OS)

Hi Wolfgang,
you should not have to put in your license again after the initial activation.
Have you tried to activate your license on another device perhaps? We have a one license per one device policy, so this could be your issue.
Make sure to not use the same activation key more than once and deactivate in on the other devices.

Best regards,