I think we should have a separate part of this forum for discussing getsatisfaction problems, as they really have nothing to do with eM Client. Besides the increasing incompatibility with newer web browsers, it does some unexplainable things.

e.g. If you paste an extended error text in your post, it is setup to add that post to spam until it can be cleared by a moderator. That usually works quite well. After it has been cleared, sometimes when someone comments or replies to that thread, it will again be moved to spam.

Another crazy thing that I have seen a few times, it that the interface is confused by the time. Here is one comment I made today. Apparently I made it NaN years in the future. :slight_smile:

Agreed. I had to give up trying to log into this site using either Chrome or Slimjet (which is based on the chrome engine). It’s quite irritating. I mentioned this problem to people at eM Client. In their opinion, the complaints should be directed to GetSatisfaction. Well, maybe. The thing is, it impairs users’ abilities to post to the forum. I would think that’d be something for eM Client to be concerned with. Apparently not. There’s far better forum software Out There, though of course it would be time-consuming to set up and maintain.

Something else quite weird about this forum system is that it uses only “br” tags for line breaks; you see this when you examine the HTML underlying your message in “code view”. It does not use “p” tags. Very screwy.

I was told by eM Client staff that I should address any problems through getsatisfaction’s own forum. Unfortunately you have to be a customer to do that.

The issue is that eM Client are paying for this forum, and if users are having problems eM Client should try to address those problems with their supplier. You are right, it affects how user’s post to the forum. And that in turn affects the ability of other users to solve problems - both Free and Pro License users.

_ > Unfortunately you have to be a customer to do that. _

Well — that’s Catch-22-ish.

I’ve at least solved the logging-in problem — I think. I don’t know what Chrome’s problem is, so never mind Chrome. I’ve just started using the Vivaldi browser, which probably has some bugs…but the honeymoon isn’t over quite yet. :slight_smile: It has some excellent features other browsers don’t have — _ and _   it isn’t giving me grief when I log in here. It takes a bit of getting-used-to. But I’m getting used to it. :)