Get rid of table borders

How to get rid of table borders? I’m using emClient 6.0 Here is a screenshot:

Hi, I am not sure what do you mean as issue, can you be more accurate please?



I believe he is seeing a problem I just noticed after installing EM Client on a fresh Win7 Pro x64 install.

When you insert a table with borders=0 it still shows the table as having borders. It does this when composing an email message or when creating a new signature.

However, when you send the message out it is received normally, the borders do not show to the recipient. Still this caused me some concern when I was creating my signature that it would show borders.

I’ve tested this on other computers in my office and can’t reproduce it.

Hi, could you send me email with this issue exported into .eml and added as attachment to my email together with this topic’s url.


I have sent the email as requested.

The gray borders appear in the design-time only. If you, for example, send the email to yourself, you won’t see them in the incoming mail. These borders were not visible in eMClient 5, but in version 6 we decided to show them, because this is the standard way almost every mail application works.

Yes, this is what I saw Tom, you only see the borders when composing a message. The recipient does not see them. I did not realize this was the intended behavior. I was probably confused by this when I rebuilt a machine and downloaded v6.

I see now that the other computers in the office are still on v5, which explains the discrepancy. Now I’ve got to make the rounds and get everyone updated to 6. thanks :slight_smile:

I have received your email, but my colleague wrote me that this is not an issue (which I have read here by myself as well), but I want to make sure that your recipient does not see those borders so I can “close” this thread properly.


That is correct. When I tested it recipients did not see the borders.

ok, I am marking it as no problem then. Thank you for this clarification.


Hello Tombam,

why did you decided to show the borders? It is confusing. When I am sending message it should be shown in the same way the recipient receive it. For example the most used email app - MS Office did not show the borders.

We wanted integrate em client into our company due to its simplicity and clarity, but we cannot bring em client into our marketing department, because my 150 marketing colleagues would hate me to install them email client which shows something else then our clients see.

Is there any way how to fix this issue?