Get contact name for templates

I’m creating new templates for streamlining my day to day activities.

Is there a way to automatically extract from the contact detail the name (full, or first / last) and replace it in the template, using a code that could look like {{ first_name }} ?

Most of email clients with templates capabilities do that.


Hello Luke, you can use variables for this, right click the editing area and select Insert > Variable, select the variable you’d prefer and insert it into your template or email, note that variables use your contact’s details information, and can only be used while using the “Send as Mass Mail” feature, to send as Mass Mail, add a list or multiple recipients to your post and navigate to File > Send as Mass Mail, to submit the message with the pre-filled variables.

Hope this helps,

That’s what I was looking for. Thanks!

Could you implement that on individual emails? That should be pretty easy to do as the functionality already exists. The risk of not having it working on individual emails is that you might send a “hello {Given name}” in place of a nice “hello Bob”.

Hello Luke, what’s important is to use the “Send as Mass Mail” option, it should fill in the variables even if you only have one recipient selected.


To me, what’s important is that you cannot send an email with {given name} in the body. That’s the reason of my suggestion/request.

Hello Luke, I understand what you’re suggesting, but I’m not having any issues with this while using the Send as Mass Mail feature, unfortunately variables can only be used while using this send option. Can’t currently be included with the regular send option as multiple recipients would disable the application’s ability to fill in the variable.


I’m not having any issue either. Yet I see an important risk of clicking “send”.
Thanks for your feedback any way.

I understand your concern, unfortunately it is not possible to fill out variables on using Send, the Mass Mail feature has to be used.


Could we have the option to customize the toolbar to add a “Send as Mass Mail” button next to the “Send” button.  It is a little burdensome to click through to the send as mass mail selection in the menu

I use this feature for single emails. Unfortunately I sometimes forget to choose Send as Mass Mail , and my recipients get emails beginning with Hello {salutation}. Not the most professional!

I was using this type of feature on Thunderbird very successfully, and that is one reason I occasionally switch back to Thunderbird. I guess that if it was presented in the same way in eM Client, there would be absolutely NO REASON to switch back to Thunderbird as every other facet of eM Client works perfectly for me (now that the contact photos issue has been resolved).

Hello. There should be no reason to not include such a feature for single emails. There is enough space to think about possibilities, e.g. you can only process the first recipient if there are more than one, you can translate the variable instantly after recipient is decided and update it in the message, so the person who is creating a message would see how it will look like and be able to make edits if necessary.

This can be done using the mass mailing feature, but not in single messages like you can with the QuickText addon in Thunderbird.

I proposed an idea along these lines at

A lot of good suggestions here. I too think it’s way too risky to ask users to input all the recipient email addresses in the TO field and then have them click on FILE - SEND AS MASS MAIL. We are creatures of habit and I envision many situations where people just click the SEND button by accident. 

Are there any other options here? Or has the team given this any further consideration with how templates and mass emails work?