German translation with bug: "Move Junkmail to Inbox" - blacklist apears twice

German translation is buggy: Menü entry “Aktionen” -> “In Posteingang verschieben”, both options are “Blacklist” or some other words are missung. These entries together make no sense.

Thank you for reporting this - we will fix it as soon as possible.

Could you please tell me what version of eM Client you are using? I could not find it in the latest release …

German V5.0.17595.0

No updates avaiable then checking via the applications Help-Menu entry.


…the Menü entry should be like this. The opposite way from Intox to Junk is correct.

The Menu should be:
“In Posteingang verschieben und E-Mail aus Blacklist entfernen”


“In Posteingang verschieben und Domain aus Blacklist entfernen”

Thank you, I found it and forwarded it to my colleague who will fix it.


Problem is still there after the latest update (V…944.0). Please fix in the next release.


We have fixed it in our internal version so it should be available in the next update.