Generate new task when current one complete

I’ve seen mention that the feature to generate a task due at a time in the future when the current one is marked as complete (as in Outlook) is available from version 3.5 of eM. Where is it?

Hello,you have to create recurring task first, then a new task will be generated after the current task is marked as complete.

When I go to the Recurrence tab I see the options for None, Daily, Weekly, Monthly, Yearly. But those are for regular predictable intervals.
I dont see an option to automatically create a new task that is due say three weeks from whenever the date is when I mark the current one as completed. I could in Outlook

The same thing is mentioned in point 5 of this post…

We know about that - we have it in our feature requests list, but I cannot provide you any exact time frame when it will be implemented, because it is still under consideration.