garbage HTML code appears in email replies from ATT/Yahoo "classic" version

I have a friend using ATT/Yahoo webmail, the old “classic” version. I’m on eMC v6.xxxxx.

Beginning a couple months ago, when he replies to my emails a big block of HTML code (see below) suddenly appears in the email immediately above my text in the original email. It’s font formatting code. Everybody else cc’d on the email sees it too, regardless of platform, Apple, PC, Outlook, etc.

I’ve duplicated the problem on my PC by sending and replying to just myself with the old classic Yahoo and the new version ATT is pushing people to move to. This only happens with the classic version, but is a new phenomenon. Did I change a setting on my end to cause this, or was it always happening and we just dismissed at gremlins? I’ve gone through all settings multiple times and see nothing I could have set to cause this.

This code is normally in our email if we’re composing in HTML mode vs text mode, it’s just invisible and should not  be displayed. Sometimes it’s 2 or 3 times longer than below so can be a big pain.

Any ideas?

yiv9601257026 blockquote.yiv9601257026cite
 solid #cccccc;}
 #yiv9601257026 blockquote.yiv9601257026cite2
 solid #cccccc;margin-top:3px;padding-top:0px;}
 #yiv9601257026 .yiv9601257026plain pre, #yiv9601257026
 .yiv9601257026plain tt
 #yiv9601257026 a img {border:0px;}#yiv9601257026 body
 #yiv9601257026 .yiv9601257026plain pre, #yiv9601257026
 .yiv9601257026plain tt

I have since discovered the cause is the email recipient doing a reply with his Yahoo webmail set to “plain text” mode. Thus it does not recognize the normal html (above) from my email.

So, the question becomes, is there anything I can do on my end to hide the html code? This is a new thing that just started happening, and I do not think he’s changed anything with  his email usage.

Same here. Like to hear about a solution as well…

Nothing new on this so far. Attempts to persuade the recipient to switch to the new Yahoo full featured (html) format have failed so far. I suspect it’s fear of the unknown.  The odd thing is this just started a month or so ago and I’ve been swapping email with this person using eMC for 10 yrs or so.

Again same here. Did also not have this issue till about a few months ago… I guess it should have something to do with one of the December updates?

I don’t know. I’m still on, being afraid to try v7 given all the stories. Seems very bizarre that many love it and have only the most trivial complaints or wish-list wants for improvements, while others can’t even get off the ground with it.   I have a dual boot Win10/7 system so could load it up on Win 7 and if screws things up it’s no big loss as I never use that system anyway. 

Verify if your recipient(s) are using plain text mail program vs HTML, if so that’s likely it.