ganesh subramaniam

I am a Emclient with a usser license I bought a couple of years ago.  I recently had to reformat my laptop as a result have lost my eMclient  access.  How do I restore my eMclient.  I cant find any link I can download eMclient and input my license no and reactivate my license/access.
I have ssent several desperate mails seeking yhour help and I cant see why I dont seem to even get a courtesy of a response even after a month.  Absolutely frustrated and regret having signed up for eMclilent by the pathetic support. My reuest is simple and I cant see why this cant be helped to be resolved.  Pl respond immediately please.  Dr Ganesh Subramaniam at [email protected]  

Hi Ganesh

You can go to and download the latest version of eM Client. If your license is only valid for version 6, you can download that there as well.

Then you can go to and enter the email address you used to purchase eM Client. A copy of the activation key will be sent to you. Open eM Client and go to Menu > Help > License and activate using that key.

If you have any further problems, you can open a support ticket, as you are entitled to VIP Support. You should get a reply fairly quickly.

Hope that helps.