Fully up-to-date but won't synchronise Google contacts

Even though I was already on v8.2, it didn’t synchronise with Google Contacts.
And just got an email saying " Since you’re still using an older version of eM Client which doesn’t support the new People API, you need to upgrade to eM Client’s version 8.2"

I downloaded to the very latest version but no difference

I am confused, please can somebody help ?

Update: I get this error
[Google Contacts]L’envoi vers le dossier ‘damguiot@gmail.com/Contacts’ a échoué pour l’erreur suivante : Parameter validation failed for “resourceName” : The value did not match the regular expression ^people/[^/]+$

As you have the latest released Windows version which supports Google People API, i would suggest to remove your Google account from eM Client and re-add your account.

So first make a backup via “Menu / Backup” and then remove your Google account from EMC, and then re-add your Google account into eM Client. Then see if the Google contacts synchronize.