Frustrating html/rich editor, trouble deleting parts of previous messages

HTML/Rich editor is a big pain in the ass.

This shows in many ways, often the HTML formatting prevents you from deleting part of the previous email text/elements. I know there’s a table or something similar there, but writing and editing an email should not be this complicated and frustrating.
So than I switch back to plain format to eliminate this HTML, but guess what it is still there. No way to get rid of it.


A nice example are those vertical lines that form when you reply to another email, its difficult to delete them, they just mess everything up when you need to copy part of old email and move it up for example.

Definitely the most annoying thing about eM Client. If you can get this resolved it will be a large plus.

Agreed… editor sucks.

We are aware of this issue and will try to enhance it.