'From & To' search function issues

The search function for a specific email fails most of the time whether ‘from’, ‘to’ or something else. Old emails are often mixed with recent ones or they just don’t appear.

Can you give a screenshot of your search parameters?

Thank you for your reply Gary. I’m reluctant to do a screen print for privacy reasons but for instance if I was looking for an email from TUI (travel company) relating to a particular holiday sent to me about two or three months ago I would select ‘from’ then type in TUI in the search. A list would usually appear and the ones at the top might be 2018 followed by 2017 and then I might get down to 2020 or 21 and others older would appear below them. Sometimes the particular one I’m looking for is not included in the list but if I come out of ‘search’ and spend a long time looking manually through all the emails in particular date parameters I can find it.

One thing you can check is that All folders are selected in the search.

In advanced search:

From the search box:

Or maybe that one you only find manually is coming from a slightly different address to what you used in the search.

Once you have the search displayed, you can sort it by date, or some of the other fields.