From TB frustration to eM Client Love!!

So for years I used Thunderbird & was content because it did what i needed. It showed all my folders, I could set up rules, played a notification sound. Then with their latest update suddenly view preferences were resetting every time I opened TB. So I posted about it in the forum. The two people to get back to me kept telling me it was a CCleaner problem, not only blaming it on CCleaner but badmouthing the software when it was specifically put on my laptop by our IT department. I explained that I’ve never ever had an issue with CCleaner for one, and secondly that I don’t let CCleaner do anything in TB and therefor it can’t be an issue with CCleaner. Well they didn’t listen, they still insisted it wasn’t them and I was the only one having the issue when I’d seen other posts about it on their forums.

So I replied that my solution was to get a new e-mail client and after some searching found eM Client. Boy am I glad I did. This has everything I need in a wonderful interface. Took absolutely no time for me to import my folders and everything else from Gmail. My one complaint is that I can’t change the color of my text for composing and replying but who cares so long as I never have to deal with TB ineptitude again!


We are glad to hear that you like eM Client.
You can set the preferred font in Menu > Tools > Settings > Mail > Compose/Read. To read in your preferred format, you need to enable the option “Read all messages in plain text”. In the new mail window, the font of the text can be changed using “Font Style” button in the shape of an large “A”

With best regards,
Russel Markosky
eM Client