"From" not displayed using "Display As" or "File As" field from contact info

In the list of message in my Inbox, some values in the “From” column are displayed as “[email protected]” even though I have a contact corresponding to this address which has a “File As” (and a “Display As”) value of “Joe Smith”. I would expect to see the “From” column shown as “Joe Smith”.

This seems to be the case with some contacts, but not others. Can someone please clarify?


Having saved your contacts in contacts does not matter in this thing, this is problem on sender side, they need to have inserted their name in their email clients or on web mails.

Otherwise eM Client does not know who sent it and it simply show email instead.


OK, thanks for clarifying.


you are welcome :slight_smile:


Hey Jan,

just a short question to this: Why is it not possible to show the name from the contacts?

eM ‘just’ have to find the email address in the contacts database and use then the corresponding name fields. In case of multiple entries it could e.g. use the first one found. Other mailer allow this kind of visualization.

Would be a nice feature for me since some of my friends use really strange email addresses… :wink:


We will consider implementing of this issue, but I cannot promise anything.

Jan: I have the reverse problem - when I am composing the email to (using the above ex): “[email protected]” instead of seeing “Joe Smith” I see “[email protected]”.

Again, this is when I am composing the email and not when I receive.

Thank you in advance!!!

Hi, can you maybe make a screenshot of the issue? What version of eM Client are you using?

Thank you,

Is there any news on this issue? I am a new user of eM Client and experience the same thing even in version 8.2. Coming from Thunderbird, which does this by default, it is rather annoying and perhaps not too hard to fix. Here is a screenshot:

The option for Display As or File As, is for the Contact view only. It has no relation to the message list, where the name is displayed as it is in the message header. So as the sender intended.

Thanks for your explanation of how it works now. I agree with what you are saying but this is not what I (and the OP) would expect. Also, Thunderbird does change the name in the message list for those contacts for whom I have added a “display as” value exactly the way the OP mentions.
My point is not to have a discussion about what is right or wrong, it is just to point out that this is a valid enhancement and would improve the quality of eM Client. Even if it were an option that is by default off, and one can turn on at their discretion it would make a huge difference.

Also, George Wilson mentions that he will consider implementing it, so I was wondering about the status of that.