From line hover has wrong contact info

This is a bug report.
Hovering over the “From” line for certain received messages displays incorrect contact information.

This specifically occurred when the message was listed as "From someone nobody@invalid.invalid on behalf of "the real person with "

I suspect an unusually formatted header on the sender’s side but I looked through it and didn’t find anything that stood out.

Are you subscribed to a mailing list (aka listserve) where people post messages that come to you in the form of an email with the “on behalf of”??

Hi Al - no I am not, this was a single email sent only to me. Possibly a misconfiguration of the header on the sender’s part, but eM still shouldn’t pick a random contact from my list and display their details when I mouse hover-over the sender’s email address.

To be fair I trash all email coming “on behalf of” for safety reason.
If the email is “on behalf of” one of your contact most likely his contact info will show up but if you dont recognize the TRUE email address that sent this mail on behalf of your contact I wouldn’t open it they may be spoofing his address to spread malware.

@nyc Here is some EM Client forum threads on the nobody@invalid.invalid subject that may help you.