Frequently getting error "eM client doesn't have any valid license..."

I installed eM client with the free license on my new Windows 7 64 bit Lenovo laptop. Frequently, when I open eM client I get a pop up saying:

“eM Client doesn’t have any valid license. This situation can occur if you have modified your computer’s hardware configuration, reinstalled Windows or deactivated your license…” followed by some ways to get the license again.

If I click the skip button, close eM client and reopen it, it generally is fine, has a license, and works for anything from another few hours up to maybe a day or two, then does the same thing.

Any suggestions on how to stop this?


please send me Update URL - Help - About, push ctrl + u then copy that adress and send me it to [email protected].


Hi Jan,

I’ve just sent the email. Please let me know if you don’t get it.

Thanks for your help!


I have sent reply to you in email but I need to inform others:

If anyone wants to use eM Clients on multiple PCs you have these options:

  1. free license - you need one free license for every eM client Installation
  2. Pro license - you need one pro license for every eM client Installation.
  3. Pro Multi-license - you can use one license on multiple number of PCs depending on you multi-license configuration.
  4. you can use of course Free License on one PC and pro license on another one or more.


I’m having the same problem, every so often I get that exact message but when I put in the license key again it shows valid from 14th sept 2013 until 14th sept 2014, then sometime later it will give me the error message again and I have to put in the license key again …and so on.

we are having very often issues with licensing system, but it is under solution with provider.


So in the meantime do I just keep re-entering my license key?

and it is happening all the time? Are you trying to use one key on multiple devices?

Not all the time, but every couple of days I suppose. And yes, I think I might be using the same key on two different PCs…Sounds like I need another key for one of them huh? How do I get that?

Yes, you will need different key for every single device you want to use eM Client on.

simply register another free license on different email address and use it’s key on your second (3rd.4th…) device.