Frequent alert: "do you really want to back up your data"

I recently upgraded to version 9.2 and ever since then I am frequently getting the following alert, often when I am not even using eM Client:
“Do you really want to back up your data? This operation could take several minutes depending on your database size.”

I attached a picture of the alert, hopefully it is visible. I don’t backup eM client locally and this happens at least once a day and is annoying. Anyone have any idea why this is happening and how to stop it?


Sounds like you have periodic automatic backup enabled and have it setup to backup every x days which you can adjust.

Go to “Menu / Settings / General / Backup”. You can then adjust when it backs up.

Or alt you can disable that and manually backup via “Menu / Backup”. You can see when it’s completed via “Menu / Show Operations” in the drop-down next to Refresh at the top left.

Thank you so much for the suggestion. Unfortunately that doesn’t seem to be the cause as periodic backup is not enabled (and I don’t want to do any local backups). Any other ideas?

I have noticed that this alert sometimes happens immediately after I dismiss a Chrome Google calendar notification. Anyone have thoughts on that?