Freezing Upon Launch of Client.

Pefunk, I thought there was no support at all for EWS not just calendars, but either way that limits it with Hotmail/ Two things I use regularly in eM Client that are not there in Mailbird are PGP and S/MIME support, and scheduled backups. Of course Mailbird does support LDAP which eM Client does not.

TennisAce57, I have said many times on this forum that you need to find something that works for you. If Mailbird does what you want, then it is a good choice. Why struggle with something that does not work for you.

Hotmail/ has a really nice web interface, so if you don’t need offline use, then that is also a good alternative.

Pefunk it sounds like your needs are mostly related to business archiving and documentation, whereas my needs are mostly for light personal use. Of the three issues you’ve listed (and I did find them informative and want to thank you for sharing) none are applicable use cases for me. 

For business purposes, I use my employer’s Microsoft Exchange system - mostly the desktop client option - which of course integrates quite well with Microsoft Office, Adobe Acrobat, and FoxIT Phantom Pro.

Gary Curtin - I need a single interface that combines my Hotmail & Gmail, so their respective web interfaces don’t work for me, but thanks for the suggestion. That said, I mainly use the Hotmail interface to manage junk mail, i.e., whitelist or blacklist, which never seemed to work via eM Client. 

A great UI and speed is all I need!

TechRadar rated eM Client the best free email application, closely followed by Mailbird Lite.  I like the look of Mailbird, it kind reminds me of Mail over on the Mac, but it does not have the features that I use. Hope it works out for you.

A while back when I had installed this I was told to set it up as Exchange since I used calendar in WLM.  I have no clue about all that.  I have had it lock up some more since.  Sometimes it’s on junk mail folder, sometimes on inbox folder.  I can’t figure out any sort of pattern as to when/why it does it.