Freezing Upon Launch of Client.

When starting EMclent it will start in a minimized mode in my taskbar, after trying to open it, it then freezes the client and you have to force close it with TaskManager. I have tried repairing the program, rebooting my computer, installing the latest updates, disabling AntiVirus such as Windows Defender and  Malwarebytes, but it appears to do nothing to fix the problem. This problem just started yesterday evening. Sometimes it will try to synchronize emails but it will just go on a continual synchronization and as soon as you interact with the client it will freeze.

Please advise with a solution to this issue. 

So after playing around a little more to figure out the issue, I was able to get it fully launched, but the only way to do it was to skip the initial file corruption check that eMclient initial launched after the program has been forcefully closed/terminated. After finally getting the client somewhat responsive it appears to be stuck on synchronizing folders which are causing a major issue and likely causing the client to become non responsive in nature. Please advise of a solution. 

Hi, I am getting the same issue here! I can load the em client, work for 5 minutes and then it gets frozen … I have reinstalled the software with default settings in another folder and it did not work.  Help!

Same.  Today was using it just fine and then it froze. I ended it via task manager and it restarted and went through its file check and restarted.  Was able to look at 1 email but it froze on the 2nd email I clicked.  This has been happening intermittently for a few days now. Even if I leave it alone for a long time, like the other day I left it for about an hour, it is still frozen. Looks like it’s happening on synchronizing.

Another issue I’ve been having that started prior and I don’t know if it’s related or how to fix, is upon starting the program I get an error: “Deleting items in folder ‘/trash/’ failed due to the following error: The remote server returned an error: (500) Internal Server Error.” I have logged into my email via browser and emptied trash there as well as in eM Client and that didn’t resolve anything. I don’t know if it’s related to this freezing but thought I’d mention it.

Hello all,

To prove if it’s caused by the database, please try renaming the database folder (by default: C:\Users\user’s account\AppData\Roaming\eM Client) and then start eM Client. Just note that eM Client needs to be closed while making the database change and that you’ll need to enable displaying of hidden folders in eM Client to see the database folder.


Not sure what it is you’re trying to achieve here, but I changed the name of the folder from “C:\Users\user’s account\AppData\Roaming\eM Client” to “C:\Users\user’s account\AppData\Roaming\eM Client 11”  and when I tried to reopen em client it wants me to start from scratch, not sure what we’re trying to achieve with this, but we shouldn’t have to do this period, the email client shouldn’t be freezing and causing issues with infinite sync loops.

I have over 10 accounts on my emclient, i noticed it was stuck on 2 of them resyncing them over and over, for some reason trying to sync “Trash”. I logged into my email accounts from my web browser and manually emptied my trash and restarted EM client and it has yet to crash or have sync issues. This happened with OUTLOOK, will update if things should change.

Hi Randy,

Are these two accounts set with Exchange (EWS) protocol or the old solution using IMAP + AirSync? You can find out if you look in Menu > Tools > Accounts > your Outlook acc. Also please add what server is it.


How are you supposed to know it is or not?

I’m experiencing the same issue with my Hotmail account, which is configured as an Exchange (EWS) account. It first started a couple of days ago. I initially tried to Repair the install, but I got an “account already exists…” or something similar error message and  message saying “no changes were made.”  After several Repair attempts and reboots, eM Client seemed to be working again, that’s was the night before last. But on launch again tonight, the issue has returned.

After reading a suggestion in this forum tonight, I tried renaming the database folder and created a new Exchange account and on sync it froze as it does with the original database. It’s freezing while syncing the Hotmail > Trash folder. I have eM Client installed on a different computer with the same two accounts configured - Gmail & Hotmail (Exchange). This is a computer that I don’t use very often. And when I launched eM Client on that computer tonight - same thing - it freezes on the Hotmail > Trash folder.

Consequently, I can’t use eM Client for anything at this point and will need to manage my e-mail on my phone (no issues syncing with Hotmail there) or via the Gmail and Hotmail (Outlook) Websites.

Hopefully, there will be a “bug” fix release soon!

I had commented earlier in this thread that mine was doing this on Trash folder and had been fine for a couple days, but last night it froze on me and also this morning and it is stuck on Inbox folder this time. I noted the time and it’s been almost an hour that it’s trying to sync the Inbox.  As long as you don’t inadvertently click on any emails during the sync, you can click on menu items and not lock it up.

This is the server mine is configured on: 

If it is syncing and you click on an email that is when the program becomes unresponsive and I have to end the process via task manager.

Mine is also

Which version of eM Client are you using?


Well since I’m not having a problems syncing with Hotmail on my Galaxy S9+ (AquaMail) and I am having problems eM Client on my Windows 7 laptop & Windows 10 desktop, the issue appears to be with eM Client. And so to test my hypothesis, I decided to try a different e-mail client on my Windows 7 laptop and I stumbled across Mailbird. Interestingly Mailbird uses the IMAP protocol (Server:; Port 993). Mailbird syncs just fine with Hotmail & my other Gmail account. And so it looks like I’ll be switching to Mailbird which is pretty light, i.e., loads much faster than eM Client and one more thing about it I particularly like - it embeds Google Calendar within the e-mail client, i.e., you are working with Google Calendar directly - same as you would if you visited the Google Calendar website. They were offering a 50% savings on a lifetime Pro license, which is a user license as oppose to a per device license , if you buy it withing 2-3 hours of your initial download. Tech support has been pretty responsive, hopefully that will continue for the long-term. Goodbye eM Client!

Yes, you need to find something that works for you. Glad you found it TennisAce57.

BTW, eM Client can also use Google Calendar in the exact same way. :wink:

You might try setting up the account as Exchange and see if there is any difference. Or if it was already setup as Exchange, try using IMAP.

I don’t want to dissuade you from Mailbird, just a few hints:
Where Mailbird shines, is its unparalled UI and its speed. Other than that, there are severe drawbacks:
Worst: Mailbird cannot open .eml-files saved on your HD. Since I save all important messages on my HD as eml or pdf, Mailbird is just useless.
Second worst: Mailbird saves messages as pdf only as image, so all links, mail addresses are lost, text can’t be copied (for quoting e.g.).
Third:  Mailbird does not support Exchange Calenders, although it is on their roadmap for 2018 since at least late 2017.
In my humble opinion, the free Windows Mail and Calender apps are better than Mailbird, exept for the UI. If you want something to compete with emClient, there is only Outlook, which has its own issues.