Free version now changed to trial version?

Hello, since this week I got an Em client update. After that, I seem to now have the trial version instead of the free version that I thought I had.
Is that correct and how am I to change it?

It would appear, from a diagram on their web site, that they give you a 30-day trial and at the end it converts to either a free version or PRO if you choose (my interpretation of the diagram).


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Thank you, but I’ve had Em client for about 6 months now, without any updates or so.

Yoour original post led me to believe you got an update this week and that update changed your copy to a “trial version”. Perhaps it still has 3 weeks to go for the “trial version”? Just thinking out loud with the information at hand.

@sunriseal Yes, you’re right. I did get an update. Ever since that Em client looks more professional and takes longer to start up. So why would there be an update after using the free version for about 6 months?

I have no idea why there was an update other than you initiated it. So therefore I assume you are good to go?