Free version keeps asking me to reactivate license

I use the free version of eM Client for personal purposes only. I use it on two devices, both of which are on Windows 10. When I load eM Client each day, it tells me that the license is not valid and asks me to re-enter the license key. How can I fix this? I can keep re-entering the license key but its very annoying.

Thanks, but I already have a free license, its just that I keep having to reenter the activation key. How can I fix this?

I would try to reinstall. Maybe there is something wrong – but this is MY personal method to handle things like that. There is no garantee that it will solve this problem.

Thanks, I’ll give reinstall a try.

You need a separate license for each installation.

Hi Norman - That’s the answer…
1 license per device.

Using another name and email address can get you a 2nd license.