Free or VIP, please advise...

Hello all, i have small question, If i have 3 e-mail accounts in eM client on one PC, can i use free version? If i will continue, one account will be locked or? Can me and my wife use free version of eM client on two PCs? MAny thanks. O.


first I want to apologize if it isn’t always good englisch, but I’m normally not englisch speaking.
Then one question is enough you don’t need to put the same question twice.

Now to your questing. In the free version you can only use 2 email-accounts (after the test phase for 30 days in the pro version) and so you have to delete one account.

Of course you can use eM Client on 2 PC’s but of course you can only use 2 accounts per PC.
Though you can use account A and B on the first computer and C and A or B on the second, but you would get problems with the synchronisising of the 2 eM Client programms.

For example if you add an contact in eM-Client on the first PC you wouldn’t get access on the second (because they are saved local). With one exeption if you are using an account, which can save contacts (calenders, tasks, …) you can save this information on this account and add it to both PC’s so that the information is saved on one account, with access from both eM Client programms.

I hope this answered your question, if not write back.


What Tobias said is exactly right, if you need to use eM Client on two computers, you need to register two free licenses, otherwise one activation will always deactivate the one on the other computer.


Hello to all, many thanks for you kindly advises. I have registered 2 free licences, everything is ok now. Once more, many thanks!. Regards