Free License

Now I have a free license and I need only one account, normally I can use it.
Is this for lifetime or is  that only for a certain period and have you register after some period.
I re-install eMclient but get the message that only can work offline and don’t send messages

Please Help

I have the same situation! After update, eM required a licence, but I use only two accounts, it was for free before. What happens?

Please refer to my post here:…

We had some connectivity issues over the past couple of hours, so it is possible you were unsigned temporarily, please try t re-activate using your activation key and check if the issue persists.

eM Client Free license is currently setup for lifetime, auto-extended use, however note that Free licenses are only available for Home users. If you’re using the application with a work account or for commercial purposes, you’re required to obtain a PRO license.


ok it is for me as Home user and note and it is clear and understandable that you the pro for business