Free License returns!

Free license returns after a week of “your pro version trial will expire in 7, 6, 5, etc. days”. Many of us experienced the updated version of 8 only to find it was a Pro Trial. Not good customer policy and I have expressed this in a couple of other threads.

I have referred 9 people to eM Client and they love it. Two bought a pro license and all where surprised by the version 8 Pro Trial update. (not a good surprise)

This post is to assure other free eM Client users that after the 24 period ends on day zero (0) you will get one last pop-up informing you that your license has been restored and you will see this (embedded image) when you visit: Menu/Help/License. Devs. Please do not do that again. If we want to upgrade to Pro we all know we can do it by our own volition. Thanks for listening.

free license

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I know its annoying but it is only advertising. Surely thats ok given you signed up to a trial version. Most vendors do similarly.


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I’m completely shut out of my email, free version. How do I get activated again since the software seems to be locking me out?