Free License Question

Using the same free license on desktop and laptop or multiple personal computers.

Can I use the same free license on multiple personally owned computers, or would I need to get a separate free license for each one? If I need a free one for each computer? Can I use the same email address to get them as my existing license, or do I need to use a different email address for each one?

Thanks in advance for any information.

As far as I can make out, you need a different license AND different e-mail address for each computer. At least that’s what I, running a laptop and a desktop, have had to do. Whether you can run on more than two computers I’m not sure. As is true with so much of EMClient the “Help” pages aren’t much help.

Sorry, I meant to say whether you can run on more than two computers without buying a license, I don’t know. You’re allowed to run two accounts on free licenses. But whether two accounts means two accounts, or two computers, is a bit unclear to me.

Free license only allows one simultaneous user, so you can’t use your free license on multiple computers. You can also register a maximum of one free license per email address.


Ok one more question. The $50 lifetime upgrade, is per license also correct? 

Yes, exactly, each license (seat) requires lifetime upgrades in order to receive updates to all the available licenses without the need to upgrade with each new release.


I don’t understand. If it’s a FREE license, and MOST people only use one computer (and certainly one e-mail client) at a time, why is there a restriction on the number of computers I can have with the same e-mail address? This could be a show-stopper.