Free License problems

Good day! I use free version for 1 device only. But one day it failed to connect service with mistake “violation of license”. Even after entering right key, it didn’t work. I reinstalled the programm, but it show the same mistake. Pls kindly help, as your service is quite convenient for me and i don’t want to change it.
Thank you in advance!

Did you receive an email from eM Client saying that they suspect you of using a Free License for business use? If you did, then your license will have been suspended. Reply to their email giving details if you think it was in error.

If you did not receive an email from eM Client, you can write to them and ask assistance with the license. You will find their contact details on the web site.

Unfo, i didn’t receive any email re using a Free License for business use. But perhaps this is the answer as one of email is really connet corpporated account. I’m freelancer and work with several companies. So, question is closed. Thank you and regret to change service for now!