Free License Invalidates Pro Trial

The license email I received after downloading the trial made it sound like - in order to use the free Pro trial version - I had to activate it, so I did. Now I can’t get all the features I had before. (Rather confusing!) Is there a way to reset my trial back to a trial or do I just have to purchase now to continue using the full version?

Hi Karon,
unfortunately once you activate a license in eM Client there is no way to revert to Trial version.
The description on our download page says “After our 30-day free trial, you may decide to use eM Client’s FREE license or upgrade to the PRO version at any time.”
This means that you can use the program without ANY license for 30 days, and you can get the license ONCE you decide which one you want.
So the email you get after signing up for a license tells you to activate it, because it’s assumed that your trial ran out or that you already decided upon getting the certain license.

I’m sorry for the inconvenience. Although the only feature that is really blocked in FREE version is having more than 2 email accounts (the VIP support and commercial use do not really change anything about the actual features of the program).

Best regards,

You may want to change the email that comes after you install the software. Maybe it’s just me, but it sounds like this is telling me I need to use this code to activate my free trial license. It’s confusing to me that there is a “free trial” and also a “free license.”

eM Client Free License

Dear Karon Thackston,
thank you for you order! You have successfully registered free license of eM

Your License Name: Karon …
Your Activation Key:

What to do next?

Download and Install eM Client
If you do not already have eM Client installed, please download it at

Start eM Client and click on Help in
the top menu

Select “License”
The eM Client License dialog will appear.

Click on “Activate”

Copy/paste your activation key and
click on “OK” button

Your license now is registered and

Don’t hesitate to ask any questions!

Hi Karon
I edited out your license, as I don’t think you want to share it publicly on the forum.
Secondly, yes, the email tells you to activate the license, because as I mentioned, it’s assumed you get a license AFTER you are done with the trial/demo. That is by design.
I’m sorry that this was confusing for you, but we have way more problem with users not understanding that they need to activate their license, even with this email, so the instructions need to stay the way they are.

Best regards,

sorry, my free license ended after trial period and now I received my free license because i want to continue with free.
But, where I can put the free license?
The client, without a license, doesn’t work

Go to menu/help/license and you can enter it there.