Free License for emClient can't be activated as it states a Terms of Service Violation

A client of mine, who is retired, and is using the free version of emClient on Windows 10.  Within the last 24 hours, it has stopped sending and receiving emails claiming she has violated the terms of service.  I’ve tried reactivating her license and reinstalling emClient but it keeps reporting terms of service violation.

She is retired and doesn’t run a business so how is she in violation of the terms of service and how do you fix it?

Usually eM Client will send an email informing the user that they are suspected of violating the license agreement. In the email are instructions to contact eM Client to clear any misunderstanding if they license is only being used for personal use.

If she still has the email, she can reply to it.

She does not have any such email!

She would need to write to eM Client to have the license re-instated. Otherwise she can register a new Free License under a different email address.

To be honest that is not a satisfactory solution.

Well, those are the only options, so your satisfaction does not change anything. You either have to contact the company to get the block removed, or use another license. What other option do you suggest?

All we can do is offer suggestions from our own experience. But if you want to communicate with the company, it would be better for you to write to them directly rather than use this user supported forum.