Free license expires

If the ‘free’ license doesn’t expire, why do I see a window every 3 to 4 weeks that tells me I don’t have a license, and I need to renew my license?

Perhaps you can find an answer in the Knowledgebase…

No, there’s no help there at all. I am thinking about purchasing the Pro version, but I won’t until I get this problem solved. Let’s call it test of eM Client’s support.

Well, being as I’m a volunteer, the test remains to be finalized.

I suggest the best (and quickest) way forward is to uninstall your copy of eM Client, delete all folders and re-install.

You will get an email with the password for the new FREE licence.

n.b. The forum is supported by the community, not the developers. eM Client is a commercial product. If you buy a Pro licence you get access to product support from the people who develop and support it.

The Pro licence comes with a 30-day money back guarantee - so you have nought to lose!!