free license expired

Free license is showing as expired on several different accounts in our office. What happened? When we try to enter the license key back in, it says it’s not valid.

Can it be office that’s the problem is, office as commercial?

these are individual free accounts not commercial type - they are used as personal email accounts

anything on a remedy for this?

Hello Rob,

What exactly is the program telling you? It sounds as though your licenses may have been deactivated due to the violation of our license policy, such as using the free license for commercial purposes. If you’d like to hear more about our policy or raise any objections, you can contact the sales department at
You can also find more information here


Ok, great. All I need to do then is purchase the PRO license and then I will be sent new license activation codes?

Hello Rob,

Yes, buying Pro licenses (which of course means new activation codes will be sent to you) will enable you to use eM Client in office settings. Please contact for more information.


Hello i can’t to bring online emclient because my license has expired. Why, as the emclient is free? Please give me an urgent answer. Thanks. Giuseppe

Did you enter the activation key?

If you do not have an activation key, you can get one for the Free License at Once you have the activation key, go to Menu > Help > License and choose activate.

I receveid this message: this computer cannot be activated due to violation our license policy. What does it mean?

That means that the license is blocked because it is suspected that it is being used for commercial use.
If you are not using it for commercial or business use, then you can write to eM Client and they will sort out any misunderstanding. If you are using the application for commercial use, then you need to purchase a Pro License.

ok i’ll remove emclient