Free license dissappears

Yesterday, I launched EM, and it said it did not have a license.  I put the key in, and it activated.  This morning the same thing, says it doesn’t have a license.

Hello Evan,
do you use eM Client on more than one device, perhaps?


I do not, just one device.

Hello Evan,
I checked your license and your HW GUID is not always being sent correctly (one of them is cut in half), so the license sees your device as 2 different ones.
I marked them as one and the problem should be solved now.
Please restart eM Client (you might be asked for the key once more, but from now on, both of the different HW GUIDs should have the license active).


Sounds good, thanks!

I have win 10 and have received a license.  When  copy it in I get this response:
…response is not well-formed XML