I understood that once a free license was activated that emclient was free for one email account registration. A person I support was told that the license is only free for one year. Please clarify. I have not been able to find any conditions with the product or on the web site that clearly states the free license conditions.

Just an eM Cleint 6 user here…

My understanding is that the free license is free for as long as you want, as long as you are a private user (not commercial) and you have it setup for no more than 2 email accounts - there is no time restriction.  In fact, you will not find any time limit on its use as a free product on their website anywhere.  They simple state free.

Check here for the differences between a free and paid license user:

If there were a time limit, that would be included in the comparison.  The limiting factors are number of email accounts used, type of support, and whether it is being used commercially or privately.  There is no time limit.