Free license Activation key

I have a free license Activation Key since 16 jan 2010.Sometimes I have to reactivate with my license key.What is the reason ?? and how do I fix that problem ??

Hi, I can see two activations of your license in our system. Free license can be activated on one machine only at once (or you need reactivation). If that is still the same machine, there are a few scenarios that may cause it:
a) OS reinstall or license change
b) some major hardware piece changed
c) some other change of hw/sw settings
d) somebody else used your activation key on another computer (we can give you more information if you think that happened)

If you have a crash, how do you get back your original license to reinstall the client? When I try to get a new license it tells me that I already have one, that’s true but it is gone with the crashed drive.

Are you trying to regenerate your license on our website? When the license is generated an email is sent to an email address filled in registration, so you should have it in your mailbox. If you are not able to access this message, I can resent you your activation if you give us your email address.

Hi i recently recovered from a crash and have lost the email with free license key, is there any way I could contact you to give you my email address so you can resend myacitvation key?

Thank yu in advance Micheal

Activation key was sent to you by email.

I did not receive my free license activation key in my email. Only have another day of evaluation left

Would you please send me my activation key for my license . I haven’t received any email yet.

they need to make it easier to recover our keys. I had to start from a clean install, and no good way to recover my key.

you can manage your licenses or resend your activation key at our website license manager at .

My Husband and I used to share one computer now he has his own and my mail doesn’t work any more I need a key for my computer thanks. Beverly

contact me directly at I will send you your activation key.