free download version 7 has 4 malware-flagged items

I trust Malwarebytes, and it doesn’t trust the download, finding 4 PUP/tracking items within the package.
Why are these unsafe/ invasive of privacy items part of the download?
cannot install with these quarantined items- and I will not sidestep the best security app to satisfy some marketers’ desire to subvert the implied privacy and security of the developed product.

Download the Pro version.  You’ll get 30 days to try the paid-for version without having to pay for it. You can then decide if you want to continue with the paid version or ‘drop back’ to the free version.

I also use Malwarebytes and that didn’t show up any PUPs on the Pro version.

I also scanned with Malwarebytes and nothing came up. I would be concerned about the source of your download. Was it from the emclient website? The pro and free version are identical downloads. The license after 30 days just determines the number of mail accounts you can have. Other than that, no difference in the functionality.

I downloaded from eM Client’s own website. I’ve been running eM Client for 6 weeks now and haven’t come across any PUPs that might have been downloaded with it. As well as scanning with Malwarebytes, I also use SpyHunter and WinZip Malware. (The latter can scan every file on your PC and flag up any potential unwanted files / programs.)

The only thing I’ve yet to get a ‘fix’ for with eM Client is displaying (correctly) html images that come as attachments. Windows Live Mail shows them correctly but with eM Client they end up as a load of text characters in the body of the text, with eM Client declaring that they are Chinese characters!