Forwarding mails with a full header

I’m testing eM Client currently and have got a few questions. One of them is:

Is it possible to forward a mail with the full header?

Sometimes I’m reporting e-mail spam to a website / organization that tries to address the mess. For this it’s required to forward the spam e-mail with the full e-mail header. In Thunderbird I can do that by choosing “All” or “Normal” in the “View - Header rows” menue. In eM Client there is a section in the settings dialog related to replying and forwarding. It’s possible to select custom styles here, but those have only a few fields. Is it possible to add the complete header there and if so, what “variable(s)” do I have to use? The help website doesn’t provide any info on this…

When you forward a message, the headers are not included.

You need to choose Forward > Forward as attachment. That will add the original message in its complete form as an eml file attachment. The investigator can open that as the original message, so all headers etc. unchanged.

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