Forwarding mail

When i forward an email in bbc it sends it to me also and stays in in box. how to stop that.

I think this may be a misunderstanding of the Conversation mode. The message is not sent to you, nor is it in your Inbox. It just shows the forwarded message from your Sent folder in the same conversation as the original.

Disable conversations in Menu > View > Conversations > Disable conversations, and see if it appears as you were expecting.

Thanks that worked. Is there away to go back to ver.7

Yes, you can uninstall eM Client, then download and install the preferred version from the Release History.

You will need to delete the database directory when asked during the uninstall as it is not backwards compatible. Unless you have a recent backup from version 7, you will lose any local data. You can export your local data before you uninstall if you don’t have a version 7 backup.

Thank you, for your help