Forwarded mail does not show body

When I receive a forwarded mail, I cannot see the body of the mail.
Only the header.
Only if I open the source of the mail, I see the body.

Thanks in advance


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Subject: Fwd: Agroittica - R: trc net
To: Daniele Ferraresi,
Modena Marcello
From: Pivanti Vanni
Disposition-Notification-To: Pivanti Vanni
Date: Tue, 27 Oct 2020 11:20:23 +0100
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-------- Messaggio Inoltrato --------
Oggetto: Agroittica - R: trc net
Data: Tue, 27 Oct 2020 09:46:03 +0000
Mittente: Roberto Arena <>
A: Pivanti Vanni ( <>

Ciao Vanni.

Per favore puoi mandare mail di supporto ad Agroittica,

poi mettimi in copia.







Da: Giuseppe Branchi <>
Inviato: marted? 27 ottobre 2020 08:27
A: Roberto Arena <>
Cc: Fabio Re <>
Oggetto: trc net


Buongiorno sig. Arena,

avrei bisogno di una consulenza sul trc.

? possibile scaricare i dati settimanalmente su qualche altro supporto tipo hard disc esterno? Se si, come si fa? Avremmo bisogno di scaricare e archiviare i grafici dei cicli di affumicatura e asciugatura .

Grazie mille

Cordiali saluti


Giuseppe Branchi

Responsabile della manutenzione

Agroittica Group

Tel 030 9686991


![Avast logo](upload://2xtcnMzh6ODc6dG7EtbMFhsdiAl.png)

Questa e-mail ? stata controllata per individuare virus con Avast antivirus.

When viewing the messages, do you see three dots? image

If you do, click on the dots and it will display the message.

No, I don’t see three dots

are there any news about this problem?

Can you send me this message?

Right-click on the message you received where the message body is not visible, and choose Forward > Forward as attachment.

I will look at it and get back to you.

Mail sent. thanks. i wait

Go to Menu > Settings > General > General and select Show Local Folders.

Now move the problem message to your Local Folder Inbox.

See if that makes any difference to the message.

Please update to the latest version, or upgrade to version 8, available in the Release History and see if there is any difference.

Yes, version 8 is the solution, thanks

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