Forwarded email replies cut off


When I receive an email and then forward it onto another person with my response, eM client is cutting off the first persons message in the email.  In other words, the person I am forwarding it to only sees what I have written and nothing else.

If I don’t type anything myself, then the second person receives what the first has typed.
Then I have to send them a second email to tell them what I want to say.
Laboriously annoying.

From what I can see on my side, everything looks normal.  I was alerted to this error to many peope I was forwarding emails onto.

I have made sure I am fully updated.  My eM client states version 60.23181.0.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.



Spoken to more people and done more tests…apparently sometimes this and sometimes all is ok.

Hello, not really sure what you’re referring to, if you’re seeing the replies in your sent folder, the problem will more likely be on the recipient’s end. Can you make a screenshot of the issue and submit to us here on forum?


Worked it out in the end myself.  I noticed another emClient user using a similar signature to me.  I deleted my signature and copy and pasted theirs (making name changes etc) and then hey presto my forwarding problem was gone.  All recipients can now see forwarded conversation threads.

When I receive an email which supposedly is forwarding another email, and has commentary text included by the forwarding party, I can ONLY see what the forwarding party has written, and not the text supposedly forwarded.  However, when I hit “Reply”, all the non-visible text suddenly shows up in the reply being composed. I don’t see how it can involve “signatures”, as I have no signatures set, other than the one for the account.  Thus far, I am not impressed with “EM Client”.

Are there three dots at the bottom of the message?  try clicking on that.

Yeah, that worked…thanks muchly.

But what an asinine way to design a program. The more different email clients I test out, the more convinced I become that the peak of “email clientry” was reached with Eudora.  I have yet to find anything that remotely approaches it in total functionality, ease of use, and intuitiveness.

The reason for this was due to the implementation of conversation mode.  Since all of the emails related to the conversation are in the reading pane, displaying the conversation string on each email is redundant.  It actually makes sense.

That being said, if you turn off conversations the three dots disappear and the full string is always displayed.