Forward subject is blank

When I forward a message, the subject line is blank. Looks like a bug.

If this is on version 7.2.36465, downgrade to the previous version and see if there is any improvement.

Yep, it is. Thank you for the info. Instead of downgrading, I think I’ll just wait for the bug fix! My goal is not to spend any extra time working around bugs.

Doesn’t make sense. If you wait instead of downgrading, you work around the bug, which is not your goal. 

You’re right about that! I should have said, my goal is not to downgrade or reinstall anything. I think I’ll just wait for the bug fix!

Up to you, but it could be many months with blank subjects. I would look at the changes in the recent version and see if there is really anything that prevents you moving back one minor service release to a version that was working for you. Were there any issues that affected you in 7.2.35595 that were fixed in 7.2.36465? There weren’t for me. Also there were no new features added, so the functionality is exactly the same unless I am missing something. Oh, that is not correct, the functionality is not the same, it is worse because of so many new issues that for many it is unusable. 

The long awaited version 8 will be out late next year I believe, so hang on.

Good advice! Thank you.