Forward message after sending a message problem

I made a rule “forward a message to an ‘e-mail-adress’ after I send a message to a person exept when my name is in the to or cc field”.
The result was that the program continuously keep generating messages as well as to e-mail-adress as well as to the “person”. I had to kill the program. Besides where does the program check on exactly when it checks on “my name” in the send or CC field. How does the program know my name?

Is the email address you are forwarding the messages to set as an account in eM Client? If so, it should work without any problems.

Hello George.
yes it is an account. in fact it is the only account. So I expected that the message will come into my inbox after 10 minutes when EM client checks for new mail. The reason for this is that it also appears in my other computers who also use this account.

Not only generates EM client messages to my account with the Fw: prefix in the subject. It also generates several messages to the adressed person without the Fw: prefix.

Try to add another exception “Except messages sent to me” and let me know if it helped.