Forward in HTML

If I receive a new message in HTML, and want to forward it to
someone, I may want to forward it in HTML, even though I am set for
plain text replies and forwards. How can I do that?

You will need to change the setting to HTML first, click Save & Close, and then reply or forward the message.

Ugh. Yes I was aware that I could do that, but I was hoping there was a much simpler way.

Having to go to Meni/Mail/Compose/Mail Format, change it, Save and Close, forward the message, then have to put it back the way I want it it is a time-consuming nuisance. Not to mention that whenever I have to go through so many steps to do something, it’s easy to forget the steps.

Is there any chance that a future update will provide a one-click way to do this, as other e-mail clients do?

Fortunately I don’t forward html mail very often, so if this doesn’t get fixed, I’ll see if I can live with it. But this may end up being a reason I stop using eM Client and go back to Thunderbird

I hope not. I hope that a one-click way to do this gets added soon. I generally prefer eM Client to Thunderbird and I’d like to stay with it. I was even thinking of switching to the paid version, but I won’t if this doesn’t get fixed.

When you press Forward, you can also press the dropdown on the far right of the message window and click “Format / HTML” as in the below example screenshot.

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