forward attachment with gmail imap

Dear Staff,
i am a new user and i just installed latest version with gmail via imap.
It is working very nice but when i try to forward emails with attachments the new opened email does not show the attachments.
Are you aware if this is an issue of emclient or gmail?
I readed also gmail has this kind of troubles.
Is there something i can do to fix this issue?

Is this only happening with forwarding, or does it happen with all messages you send with attachments?

Hello Gary,
i have made more tests and i think this is a need but not an issue because also gmail is working similar.
In general it is correctly possible to send and forward email with attachments.
My need is to forward an “email received + reply” to a third person that i forgot to involve in the reply.
I want this third person to receive the full email chain with also the original attachments.
Emclient club the email chain in the list overview but when i right click to forward it, only the reply is picked, but the attachments are in the received one.
Is there a way to attach the full mail chain during a forwarding?
I actually tested all 3 forwarding options without results.

Generally forwarding will only forward that single message that you right-click on. As far as I know it is not possible to forward a complete conversation through right-click. If you want to forward a number of messages, you can disable conversations then select them using Ctrl + click and choose Forward > Forward as Attachment. That will send all of the selected messages, in full, as attached eml files.