Forward an eMail without downloading the attached files

Is there any solution to forward an eMail without downloading the attached files Or preventing to redownload attached files when resending an eMail?

Hi, if you forward an email, the attachment should not be downloaded unless you have “download messages for offline use” enabled, attachment should be downloaded after you click on the attachment.

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In this situation … forwarded message do not include attachment?

Hi Martin, Hi Al,
I’m a bit confused now, do you want to send an email without the attachments or attachments included just not downloaded to your computer?

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I’m a bit confused from you :slight_smile: You wrote: without a click on attachment I don’t have attachment downloaded to computer. In this situation I forward message without attachment, because it is not in my local storage …

I think - forwarded message must be downloaded from server completely before sending.

I think, that is no possibility to download message from server without attachment (only headers+body). Server doesn’t have possibility to decode a mime message. 

My english is not good, sorry …

Martin, if a message is received in your client and you use the forward button/feature, is the attachment included in the forwarded message?

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I don’t have problem with this :-) 

Hi Paul, Hi Martin,
Imagine I attached a clip in my email and sent to Paul, If Paul wants to forward this email to Martin,
the attached file must be downloaded first (eM client shows “This operation may take a while…”).
and If I want to send this mail to Martin (and the original clip does not exist or it’s deleted or renamed), eM Client downloads the attached file first…
there are many times that I’m using my GPRS and I just want to forward a file to another person and don’t want to download it. (my GPRS is too slow and these files are usually more than 20MB)

Hi Al,

I would suggest to use ‘cloud’ services like DropBox or SendSpace to send big files.

Then you just need to add a link to such a big file in an e-mail. Keeps the size of the e-mail small and no issues with forwarding.

It’s unfortunately not possible to forward an email without downloading it’s body and the attachments first.
As Hans suggested below, it is possible to use cloud services, however that’s only in case when you already have the item uploaded to the server.

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Thank you Paul and Hans.
eM client is my first choice.