Forward a meeting invite

If I accept a meeting invite and it goes to my calendar, how do I later forward it to someone else? In Outlook you can right-click the meeting invite and choose “Forward” but I do not see this option in eM Client. I need to be able to share calendar invites between my two email address in order to keep my calendars in sync.

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Hi, you can open that invite click on “Scheduling” tab and put email of person you want to invite under “All attendees” field, then just click on save, eM Client should ask you if you want to invite that person/s.


There is no scheduling tab. I only have that tab if I initiate a meeting. When someone else invites me, there is no scheduling tab and thus, I cannot invite other people (like I can do in Outlook by hitting forward). See attached screen shot.

Hi, unfortunately this is not possible, and we also do not know any workaround to this.


I have this same issue and think of this as a bug, or at a minimum, a feature that needs to be added.

This is a pretty big feature that is lacking. I would love to eliminate Outlook from my life, but this feature is hard to live without.

I totally agree. We should also have the ability to right-click the meeting in the Calendar and Reply or Reply-All so we can email the entire group. This is extremely useful for meeting follow-ups etc.

Any update for this? Curious to know a workaround for forwarding cal invites 

For what it’s worth, the more I think about this, the more I approve of the way it is done in eM Client. I fully support that the organizer is the only one who can invite members to the meeting. :wink:

I’ll second this as a feature request.  Reply All and Forwarding meetings is a missing feature that could be used!

I use “Save as”, and save the invitation to .ics file, and then I forward it via e-mail as an attachment. But it is not a nice and easy workaround. Forwarding would be very much easier. I hate Outlook but I consider to use it again.