Forte Inc (Agent) email refugee, seeking input

Hi -

As of last year I had kind of pre-migrated my email by getting emclient a bit set up and paid for, and by installing aid4mail, if I want to try for continuity with past emails. However, I kind of ran out of stamina for the project, and kept using Agent, which I have been using for about 25 years, and which seems stable, but which is no longer supported.

Still, I’m revisiting it this week and have some time, and maybe am ready.

I think the real issue here in choosing a new client is that it will require hundreds of hours of use before I am really fully trained and comfortable and able to access information and communicate as seems best, and so if I put a value on my time, a few dollars here or there for software is not the issue. The issue is more trying to take a good shot at landing with a good well-supported software with a strong plan for supporting clients decades into the future.

Are comments critical of emclient allowed in this emclient-hosted forum? If so, I’ll take what I can get either both as to

  • specific migration suggestions/recommendations, and
  • pros/cons of emclient versus Outlook versus other.

Thanks in advance,

Ask away, and you will get some input. :slightly_smiling_face:

Hi - one thing I’d like to know is if EM Client has said anything as to a continuity plan. As the business ages or the founder moves on to something else like that, what can clients expect? Will the software still be supported and updated and upgraded, for years? If it does not make money, can it be sold to a supportive party with a term agreement to support it for x number of years? Something like that?

Those are the sort of questions you should ask the company, rather than this community of users. You will find their contact information on their web site.

Maybe I should ask the company, but I’m also asking here, if anyone from the community has heard anything.