Formatting signatures for replies

Hi, I think the programme is great. One nag - when I reply to an email the signature in the reply has its formatting messed up. When I create a new email it is fine. I would be great to have the same signature whether it is a new email or a reply.

Hi, this could happen when you are trying to reply to plain text email. Can you confirm it?


Hi! I just installed eM looking for a replacement for the bloated, slow, not work with gmail,… Outlook2013.  So far I am impressed and think I have finally found a replace.  This is the one thing I have notice as well.  I have confirmed that it does this when replying to a plain text and HTML email. It is adding in extra line spacing.  Any ideas?  Thanks

Should be


But on a reply it is




Hi Louie, can you please make a screenshot of the issue? What version of eM Client are you currently using?

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I am using 6.0.20648.0.

This is what it should look like.  This is new message without the extra spaces.

This is what happens when I reply to an email.  It now has added in the extra lines.

Hope this helps.

Hi again Louie, was this signature you’re using imported from another application possibly? Or did you create the signature in eM Client?
Does this occur when replying to every email, or just some of your emails?

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It imported over from Outlook 2013 and yes it does it on all replies. 

Can you try to create the signature again in eM Client? I believe that should fix the issue.

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Hey Paul, not sure if this is relevant but I just realized that if I reply to an email, which will have the extra spaces and the signature, I can click on the signature button at the top of the toolbar and when it reinsert the signature it is correct.  Again I’m not sure if this is relevant in your troubleshooting efforts.

I will try that.

Hey Paul that resolved the issue.  Thanks for your help.

Hi Louie, great, glad it works, let us know if you come across any other issues or questions, we’ll be happy to help.

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A Friend has the same Problem,

When he starts to write an EMail, the Signature looks different as when he answers to an email or when he Forward an EMail.

I think this shouldn’t be that way, that he needs to press a Button right after he’ll answer or Forward an EMail just to correct the Signature that it’ll look like it should look.

It seems, that the space between the lines has one and a half from the original signature.

Is there any Chance, that this will be corrected ?



This is unfortunately due to different formatting of the incoming message from the sender. The sender might be using a different application that includes a different default line spacing in their message/reply - you can use the remove formatting tool in the compose tools to use your default formatting.


Hi folks. I answered this in a prior post.

SOLUTION is: When you create your signature in Em Client - use Shift-Return instead of just return key for new lines. In html-language, that means to use instead of

which will result in correct single spacing instead of a new paragraph - which is double spaced.

Hope it helps!

I still think, this shouldn’t be like this. Toner E-mail programms have no problemy wita this. May be you should put the incoming message into a blind table. This should keep the formating into a jail.
But when i should move other People to use emclient instead of M$ outlook or what ever, then the program should behave like others already do.

Does any one tried to tell a sekretary that this program się moich better then out… Ever if she used out… For years …


Thanks a lot, that helped a lot.

Do   you may be know, how to integrate a blind table or how to Change the Color of an table in the Signature ??

If the Inbterface can’t make it, I would edit the File by Hand too, if I Need to …

sincerly Andy

Andreas - if I understand your question correctly, you would be willing to directly edit the raw html in the signature? If that’s the case, you can go to edit signature, then right click in the signature area and go to Insert -> HTML and you can type (or copy/paste) html directly in to the signature. I have found this to be a very useful capability! Maybe that helps?

Hello, when adding a table through the toolbar, you can setup the border to be 0, e.g. eventually you’ll have an invisible table, if you’d like to specify the colors of the table or other values, you could use HTML formatting by right clicking the area and selecting Insert > HTML, this will allow you to input a raw HTML code.