Formatting on emails not rendering

When I create an email in EM Client and send to someone else, the look/formatting I see when I’m creating the email is not how the message looks when the recipient opens the email. The emails are rendering as text only emails, rather than HTML emails. Is there a setting I need to adjust?

Hello Lauren,
check the Tools>Settings>Mail>Compose section and see if the ‘New mail format’ is set to HTML or Plain text.


Not sure if my comment went through or not. 

I did check that before and it is set to HTML. The issue is not when I’m composing the message. The message looks fine when I’m composing it. It’s when the recipient receives the message that it looks like plain text. 

Hi Lauren,
are the emails viewed as such even from the sent folder in eM Client? Does it happen to all your emails or only when they are sent to a certain recipients?
Could you send a test message (or an exported EML file) to me at (with a link to this forum topic in it, so I can get back to you) so I can have a look at the data source?



It looks correct in my sent folder in EM Client. 

It seems to happen to emails off and on to any recipient. I ALWAYS have an issue with my signature rendering properly. I’ll send you an email.

Just to clarify on the progress of this issue - it happens only on one account and it seems the server is changing the message type to Plain text.
Thank you for your cooperation, Lauren.