Formatting Bar Doesn't work!

When writing a new email, or replying to one in HTML, most of the formatting doesn’t work. I always get Trebuchet 12 point (even though I have Tahoma set in Settings).
Only Bold, Italic and Underline seem to work. I’m completely unable to change font size, for example.
I reported this on the previous version.
Any ideas?

when composing new mail - do you copy a text from Word or from any other application? Are you able to change the text format when you simply write “Hello”?

No. In a new message, I type ‘Hello’, select the word and then try to change the font size or style and nothing happens - it always reverts to Trebuchet 12.

If I change the font in the dropdown boxes to, say, Tahoma 14, as soon as I click in the composing pane the drop down boxes revert to Trebuchet 12.

Bold, italic and underline work as expected.


What version of Internet Explorer do you have?
Try to reset its settings - it should help.…


It works! I reset IE, as you said, and now the formatting bar is fully operational.

Thank you.