Forced to re-authorize eM Client for Google after bad internet reception

I got a bad internet connection once in a while and when it happens eM Client always thinks my Google password is wrong and opens up a browser window for me to re-login again. Can’t you guys just ping and check if you are even online, before you assume my password is outdated and force me to login. Issue is that even if I shutdown eM Client and start it up with a working connection the next day, it still want’s me to re-log into google and that is awefully annoying and basically prevents me from using eM Client.

Can you please post the error from eM Client?

There is no actual password involved as OAuth uses a token to connect eM Client with your GMail account. Losing your Internet connection should not invalidate the token, nor prompt you for your Google password. The first thing I would do is check that my antivirus and malware applications are up to date and do a full system scan.

don’t use anti malware, and defender scanned last night and is up-to-date.

there is no error, when starting eM Client chrome pop’s up asking me to login to Google
to allow eM Client access my Calendar… 
eM Client shows a message box
“for [email protected] a password is required”
This action may time some time to finish… 

when logged in with google it says “Authentification finished” on the website.
The log contains not much:

22:54:44.430|016|   ReacquireCredentials[](Google Contacts, )
22:54:44.453|018| ReacquireCredentials[](Google Calendar, )
22:54:44.458|001| redirect URI: http://localhost:63729/
22:54:44.459|001| Listening…
22:54:45.018|012| Access Token = Expiration = 01.01.0001 00:00:00
22:54:45.018|012| Refresh Token =
22:54:46.672|012| = OK
22:54:46.672|012| Access Token =
22:57:07.269|018| ReacquireCredentials_Oauth_AccessToken[](Google Calendar, )
22:57:07.269|018| Access Token =
22:57:07.269|018| Refresh Token =
22:57:07.269|016| ReacquireCredentials_Oauth_AccessToken[](Google Contacts, )
22:57:07.269|016| Access Token = Expiration = 14.03.2018 22:57:07
22:57:07.269|016| Refresh Token =
22:57:07.983|018| ReacquireCredentials_Oauth_AccessToken[](Google Calendar, ) = OK
22:57:07.983|018| Access Token = Expiration = 14.03.2018 22:57:07
22:57:07.983|016| ReacquireCredentials_Oauth_AccessToken[](Google Contacts, ) = OK
22:57:07.983|016| Access Token = Expiration = 14.03.2018 22:57:07

I would go to and remove eM Client from the apps that have access to your Google account.

When you restart eM Client it will create a new token by go through the OAuth setup again. See if that makes any difference.

tried that, didn’t change the behaviour. Whenever the connection get’s really bad and I am offline, it will start to request authorization for Google, guess I have to live with it.

Maybe test it on a connection that is more stable and see if there is any difference.